Sculptures From Nature


The Potomac and the Shenandoah Rivers and the surrounding mountains, forests, and my garden provide the perfect backdrop and source for my inspirations to create indoor and outdoor sculptures from nature.

My indoor sculptures are created to enhance the interior space of your home or business. Each unique piece captures a perspective, sentiment, or attitude and each provokes a response. Because most of them are in acrylic boxes or glass domes, they are dust-free and can be placed almost anywhere.

My outdoor sculptures also make statements and primarily set the tone of the garden or an outdoor space. All of them are made from natural elements like wild grape vines, tree trunks and limbs.They weather and change colors and shapes over time, depending on nature. Some of them are also utilitarian by serving as supports for plants and shrubs. In the process, the sculptures become a part of the greenscape.

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Photo of my wild grape vine "Nature Spheres", which I weave annually in the late winter.